107  Commercial St, Cabot, AR 72023, USA
3400 West Main Street, Cabot, AR 72023, USA
Our Savior Lutheran Church Cabot Arkansas
301 S Pine Street, Cabot, AR 72023, USA
1122 South 2nd Street, Cabot, AR 72023, USA
602 E. Main St., Cabot, AR 72023, USA
204 N 3rd Street, Cabot, AR 72023, USA
601 W. Elm St, Cabot, AR 72023, USA
15361 Hwy 5 Suite B, Cabot, AR 72023, USA
2003 S. Pine Street, Cabot, AR 72023, USA
3525 Hwy 89 South, Cabot, AR 72023, USA
301 Bill Foster Memorial Hwy, Cabot, AR 72023, USA
2100 N 2nd Street, Cabot, AR 72023, USA
1872 Willie Ray Dr, Cabot, AR 72023, USA
700 Bill Foster Memorial Hwy., Cabot, AR 72023, USA
Mount Carmel Baptist Church
163 Mt Carmel Rd, Cabot, AR 72023, USA

Mount Carmel Baptist Church exists to connect people every day to life changing encounters with Jesus.

We are a Southern Baptist Church and we were established in 1948. We believe in the Baptist Faith & Message.

We are also part of the Caroline Baptist Association and the Arkansas Baptist State Convention.

Services Times:  Sundays at 9:00am and 10:30am

Church Office Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 5:00pm; Friday 8:00am – noon

Southside Church of Christ
21 Glenwood Drive Cabot, AR 72023

Worship Times
Sunday: 9:30am Class | 10:25am Worship | 5:00pm Evening Worship | Wednesday: 6:00pm Bible Study

We hope you know that all are welcome here at Southside. We work hard to be friendly and loving to everyone we encounter, whether that be in or outside of our regular meeting times. We would love to have you visit us! If you have any questions at all about anything you see here, please let us know through the contact information on the website.
In addition to regular worship services and classes, we would love to schedule a Bible study with you. We believe that God has revealed to men and women a means to freedom from pain, death, and sin through the sending of His Son, Jesus Christ, into the world.
Cabot Church of Christ
500 N. Second St. · Cabot, Arkansas 72023

Sunday Worship: 8:30am – 10:45am – 5pm Bible Study: Sunday 9:45am – Wednesday 7pm

Get to Know Us

As we strive to please God, the mission of the Cabot Church of Christ is to:

  • Prepare God’s people for service
  • Develop God’s people spiritually
  • Have inspiring assemblies
  • Share the gospel with others
  • Promote fellowship with one another

Visit our website to learn more about the Church of Christ.

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